Nepal is  small land locked South Asian country Nepal is located just between two large countries India and China. There is nothing in your map to confuse you. Though millions of people frequently visit Nepal and they never forget this heavenly nature, we have experienced many times that even university graduates and elderly people in Europe and America seem to be unfamiliar about it. After you visit it once, this precious land of Mount Everest, Lord Buddha and the brave Gurkhas is not so easy to forget.

One of the living witnesses of ancient civilization, Kathmandu is the capital city of this beautiful country. Tribhuvan International Airport located in Kathmandu is the only one international airport of Nepal that connects almost all of the countries in the world either directly or with one extra connection of some world famous transit points

  • like London,
  • Frankfurt,
  • Qatar,
  • Dubai,
  • Hongkong,
  • Singapore,
  • Bangkok,
  • Shanghai,
  • Osaka,
  • Tokyo,
  • Delhi,
  • Mumbai,

 The Travel or Air Ticketing agent near you can easily arrange tickets for you to fly to Nepal. If you get troubled, you also can contact us with your complete details so that we can arrange the flights for you to Nepal.

If you prefer to go India at first and enter Nepal later, you can fly from Delhi to Kathmandu, about one hour, at a good air fare, but be careful to book the ticket well in advance. You also can choose to travel overland from India to Nepal and you will find this option very wonderful to feel a large continent while crossing a single country but it may be more stressful than flying regarding safety, weather and other possible harassment.

If you prefer to go China or Tibet at first and enter Nepal later, you can either fly from some Chinese Airports or travel overland via Kodari immigration point. Before choosing overland travel, during Monsoon season, you should consider the chances of impassable conditions as well.

Yes, off course! We do pick up our clients who have booked any of our programs and notified the arrival time. One of our receiving staffs will be there on time at exit terminal of Airport. He will be standing will be with carrying a name plate with your name, your country, our company name ( Himalaya Chyangpa Treks & Expedition )  You might be caught by wrong person. So, please, don’t forget to ask to show company identity card. when you guys meet each other he / she will be help to assist to you transfer your hotel & we will give you all informatin in eveing with well come drinks in our company.

According to the seasons, weather and climate which prevail here in Nepal, the best months to come for trekking and Travel in Nepal are from September to December, and February to May. After August, monsoon will just end and clear skies with most favorable temperature will spread the most pleasing environment. This welcomes the main Hindu Festivals of Dashain and Tihar throughout October and November. This time is really to enchant all Nepalese people and foreign travelers which you will see everywhere around any of the crowded travel destinations and trekking trails.

Other months, kept aside from those best months but not so adverse, are also good for city and world heritage sightseeing, low altitude hiking, village tour and wildlife safaris, mountain flights, etc. As monsoon prevails through June, July and August, we generally don’t recommend this duration for those prospective travelers interested in varieties of adventure activities at once.

This question calls for some wonderful facts of geography and the weather variation in this small country of only about 130 miles average width and 500 miles average length. Within this tiny land, you can find only 60 meter high elevation to the world’s highest elevation Mount Everest, 8848 meters. Vast variation in Altitude and location has consequently resulted in very much in weather and climate of Nepal. There are four climatic seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Spring runs from March to May and the temperature fluctuates between 20* C to 30* C (68* F to 86* F). Summer is from June to August. These are the monsoon months with occasional evening thunderstorms and hot temperature with frequent rainfalls. Autumn starts from September and ends by November. During this period, the climate is dry and very mild temperature fluctuates between 20* C to 30* C (68* F to 86* F) while sky is very clear. This is the best season for Trekking and Travel and all other adventure activities in Nepal. Very cold mornings and evenings and quite sunny hot afternoons, winter starts in December and ends in February. During winter temperature fluctuates from 15* C to 20* C (59* F to 68* F). This is also comparatively a good time for trekking and travel in Nepal.

During your trekking and tour, your guide is almost like the jack-of-all-trade. He /she is the most responsible person to lead you and make your dreams come on the truth  while you are on the trip. Licensed to guide tourists in trekking and tours by Ministry of Tourism, Government of Nepal, our guides are all Nepali Natives who speak English and very fluently. As we also have the most fluent Japanese guides in our market, and guides who speak European languages very good. All guides are from the northern Himalayan region of our country and they are trained and experienced in First Aid, Rock and Ice Climbing, High Altitude Sickness and so on. The most hospitable and friendly team of guides and porters are who have made us so strong until now.

Usually, it is 5 to 7 hours per day on average. It covers about 8 to 15 kilometers depending upon the nature of trekking trail, your own situation and our program. If your condition does not favor you to walk so long hours and distance, you can share your problem with your guide, he will make everything fine. You are given the maximum possible consideration and flexibility to be fine with your own conditions, weather, geography and the environmental factors encountered.

You can find shortly trained medical practitioners to qualified doctors and small public hospitals in district headquarters and small mountainous towns outside of Kathmandu and other cities. But usually, they are not good enough for your severe sickness or injury. You even can’t get good treatment in public hospitals of Kathmandu because of outdated technologies and crowd of patients from all over the country. So, if you get sick or injured severely out of Kathmandu, it is better to try to take medicines or first aids if possible and try to get to Kathmandu as soon as possible. In Kathmandu you better choose one of the best private hospitals or nursing homes which do have good doctors and are fairly equipped to deal with any kind of emergency medical services. Additionally, rare cases may need helicopter evacuation, this depends on the extent of sickness; our field staffs and our Kathmandu office are attentive enough to overcome this situation well.

Yes, when you are going to a foreign country for adventure and some risky activities as well, it is obviously worth paying for insurance. You recommended you that you insure with a policy that covers all the risks involved in activities that you are going to participate in, emergency helicopter rescue, medical expenses, theft or loss of your valuables. Note that you should keep the receipts and insurance policy safe so that insurance can be claimed on time when you need it. In case of high altitude sickness, any other sicknesses or other injuries, you need to get medical prescriptions and bills to make claims. In case of theft, to make a claim, you need to make a report from Interpol section of Nepal police here in Kathmandu.

While we strongly suggest our clients to be insured, it is our obvious duty to insure our guides and other trekking and travel staffs to prevent them from facing damages that can't be recovered. We are serious enough about the rights of our workers and so our team is strong enough and cooperative to run this company effectively and efficiently.

After you decide to book the trip and make a partial or total payment for it, you can go to the specific program and click book the trip button and fill and submit the form. Or you can send us an email or write in enquiry form about your desire to book our trip.

You can make payments

· You can make wire transfer (TT) (Transfer the payment to our Bank account number) of the amount with your details and inform us with a copy of your payment receipt. Our Bank details are:

Account Holder's Name: Himalaya Chyangpa Nepal Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

 Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Bank Name and Address: Tourism Development Bank LTD, Thamel Kathmandu, Nepal

Account Number:

Swift Code:

Yes, there are telephones in most of the rest points in all trekking routes except a few places at the highest elevations. Internet facility is available in all cities, district headquarters, small district towns and some populated rest points in trekking regions. If you had come to Nepal before some years and gone for trekking, now, you can see vast improvements in information and communication. So, don’t worry, your beloveds will not be disconnected from your welfare messages while you are in Nepal.

In Nepal  attracts many visitors as a splendid museum of ancient and medieval architectures and a shopping paradise for real artworks. Embroidered clothes, Tibetan carpets, pottery, masks and puppets, metal works, jewelleries, wood carving, statues, Khukuri (traditional Nepali brand of knife) and Thangka Paintings are what tourists can find worth buying to fulfill their desire of curio shopping. For your reference, be assured, you also can purchase many international brands of personal utilities like garments, shoes, sunglasses, portable electronics and so on.

Thangka painting is the traditional Tibetan Painting portraying ceremonial and religious subjects such as wheel of life, known as Mandala. Normal traditional thangkas can be cheaper, but the cost depends on its various aspects which only experienced painters, painting entrepreneurs or painting enthusiasts know in detail.

yes ! please we are fully agree with your desire and intersting with us. we always share our helping hand to other. if you are intersting with us we can requerment for you whatever fields like you we can obeserve according to your interesting 

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