Why Travel with Us ?

1) We give priority to health of our clients.

We give first priority to health of our clients. We keep our clients healthy providing to consume hygienic food stuffs, proper advice to take required garments to wear and to have needed medicine stuffs. We always remind our clients that health is wealth. We believe that only healthy clients can be happy clients. Happy clients are our real asset to grow our company.

2) We are reliable and sociable trip organizer.

Since, we are affiliated with authorized bodies of Nepal Government, Company Registration Office, Industry Department, Nepal National Bank and Taxation office,  Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Nepal Tourism Board, Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal(TAAN),Nepal Mountaineering Association(NMA) of Nepal we are authorize and reliable company to organize all varieties' of travel trips.

Similarly, Himalaya Chyangpa is affiliated to different local agro-culture cooperative organizations and local NGOs. It is not just established to work as a private company but at the same time it is a sociable company, established to contribute in the development work of rural part of Nepal. We organize the special sociable fund raising treks and tours.

 Fund collected from our each and every special fund raising treks and tours goes  to run the programs of NGOs such as Social Voyage-Nepal (Dhading) and Himalayan Society-Nepal (Rasuwa) and Sathi-Nepal (Rasuwa).These organizations are non-government, non- political and non-profit organization established to work for organizing volunteers and focusing on agriculture and herbal research basis project for generating economic status of rural part in different parts of Nepal.

3) We organize family ceremony/festival treks and  tours

Sucessful company has the right service/ product, in the right place, at the right time, to the right price and with the right quality. We have developed some typical treks and tours that cope with the demand of our clients if they wish to stay in some Nepalese family and to take participate in family ceremonies and local festivals. It would be fruitful for our clients closely to know the life of Nepalese family ceremonies and festivals in depth. On the other hand attendance of outdoors in family and local festivals, encourage Nepalese indigenous cultural heritage to be preserved with the positive impact.

4) We organize Innovative treks and tour.

 Nepal has plenty of natural resources and traditional cultural and heritage sites. Among them there are many mesmerizing natural resources and traditional cultural and heritage sites yet hidden to outdoors. We make research on them and  introduce these destinations and cultural and take them therein to feel them pride being pioneer clients.

5)  We operate Meditation and Shaman treks and  tours.

Nepal is worldly approved of multi clutures,traditions,bio-diversity and deeply  faithful in many different religious beliefs  in the entire world on an according to their own aspects. So a very unique system of  shamanism which was found from prehistoric centuries and is being ancestrally  carried following till now at some place in Nepal.

Shaman are.spiritual beings with the ability to heal, work with energies and `see' visions. The essential characteristics of shaman are mystry of energy and as a medium of transformation.Shaman I a ren't of traditional beliefs and practices that the ability to diagnosis,cure and sometimes cause human suffering by traversing the axis mundi and forming a special relationship with,or gaining control the weather,divination, the interpretation of dreams,astral,projections and traveling to upper and lower worlds.Shamanism traditionas have exist throughout the world since prehistoric centuries. They are typically to have the ablity to heal the sick,to communicate with other world,and often to escort the soul of death to that world.

Meditation benefits people with it without  acute illness. People who meditate regularly have been shown to feel less anxiety and depression. They also report that they experience more enjoyment and appreciation of life a d that their relationships with others are improve. Meditation produces a state of deep relaxation and a sense of balance or equanimity.Meditation technique have been practiced for millennia,originally,they were intended to develop spiritual understanding, awareness and direct experience of ultimate reality.Meditation is a means of transformation the mind.

6) We introduce our clients about Nepalese Art and Culture.

Nepalese Art and Culture is very rich and famous in all over the world. We provide more knowledge about the Nepalese Art and Culture for our clients know about it in depth.

7) We apply agro-tourism and herbo-tourism for Poverty Alleviation campaign.

Tourism has been playing the significance role to uplift the economic development of Nepal.  We believe and  trying our best to develop Agro tourism as a sustainable tourism development. We have strong hope to boost up the socio-economic condition of the rural part of Nepal by attracting home-stay  visitors in the rural areas which are used for agricultural purpose. We give a huge focus on agricultural activities related to tourism  regarding to generate employment through nursery, animal husbandry ,home stay programs and making research on herbal plants in mountain region of Nepal. It would be helpful to increase better  income sources to rural farmers selling food, fruits, herbal and accommodation to the outdoors.

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